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Welcome & Jobs for January!

I launched this website on the 1st January 2018, an exciting thing to do at the start of a new year! Within the first hour I had already had my first message via the contact form on the 'About' page! How very exciting as I had never expected such a quick response!!

' Hiya! Great page, I already follow you on insta! I started up last summer, I have a greenhouse, some pots and a veg trug! What do I start growing now??? I haven’t done this at this time of year before! Good luck and thanks for the advice!'

To be honest I don't grow a lot through the winter as I'm not fortunate enough to have a greenhouse but I do find it's a great month for clearing out the raised beds and having a good tidy up in the shed. That way I'm ready to hit the growing season running as the days get longer and warmer. January is also a good month to start planning what you will grow and what you will need to buy. I use an Excel spreadsheet for this which I update each year. I find it really useful to have a track of what I grew last year, not only the variety but where I bought them from and what I paid. Click here for a copy of the spreadsheet I use, feel free to take a copy and adjust to fit your garden: Kitchen Garden Plan

Here are a few jobs that I try and get completed in January;

  • Clear out the shed, (and/or greenhouse)

  • Clean tools and oil shears/secateurs etc

  • Sort through the seeds left over from last year

  • Wash old pots and seed trays

  • Order your seed potatoes and collect seed trays or egg boxes ready to chit them in.

  • Plan your planting for the year

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!


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